Have burning questions that need answers?

Do you RENT dresses?

Absolutely yes! We rent dresses at a very affordable rate depending on the dress and renting period. Our Rental Policy is a R1000 deposit which will be given back to you upon the return of a damage-free dress. You will lose your deposit if the dress has any tears or has taken any other damage.

Do you SELL dresses?

Yes we definitely do sell dresses, not all of them are for sale though - feel free to ask us which ones are available!!

Do you RESIZE dresses?

Of course - We can make any dress a perfect fit for you!

Are you available during weekends and public holidays?

Yes, on Saturdays and Public holidays we are open from 09h00 until 14h00. Closed on Sundays*

Where can I give you a 5-star recommendation?

What types of clothing do you do?

Dresses and Gowns of all types ranging from day-to-day, all the way to bridal.

What is your product return policy?

Well... We're not sure either - we've never had someone bring back a purchased dress. Everyone has been happy thus far and we're sure you will be too!

How much does it cost to get an appointment?

There is only a R100 appointment fee - even our appointments are more affordable than the shops.

Are you still in Polokwane?

Unfortunately not, but even though we moved to Pretoria we can still ship dresses to- and from Polokwane.

To our Polokwane clients, thank you so much for your years of unending support!